Sailing Yacht Stuck in Key West Flats


When I delivered the 98′ Cheoy Lee “Wanderlust” to Key West, I noticed a large vessel out on the flats in view from our destination marina.  Upon asking a few questions, I found out that it was “Legacy“, owned by Peter Halmos of Palm Beach, FL.  It turns out, that Mr. Halmos was on his boat, anchored in Key West Harbor, when Hurricane Wilma hit.  The story, as printed in many articles, states that he and his crew had little option but to anchor securely, and ride out the storm.  When the storm hit, they knew that they were in for more that they had bargained for.  At some point in to the storm, the anchors broke loose and the “Legacy” was free floating in the storm.  They had no idea where they would end up. When the storm had passed, they were glad to be alive.  They opened the door, and found that they were on the flats in one foot of water, a mile from deep enough water to float in.  Due to the concern for the sea grass environment in the flats, there was no way to free “Legacy“.  For two years , Mr. Halmos personally guarded his boat, living on House Boats, anchored within sight of its location. It looks like he has finally had success. The following links provide interesting reading of his experiences and efforts to recover his 158′, $30 million Yacht.

Yacht Forum Discussion with nice picture


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