Antique Boatshow in Alexandria Bay, NY

In September of 2019, Kevin Lamb and I went to the Antique boatshow in Alexandria Bay. This is the boat show of the National Antique Boat Association that every local antique show is a division of. In other words, the king of antique boats. Alex Bay is located on the St. Lawrence River near the area referred to as the 1000 Islands Area and on the border of Canada. We were able to get a tour of the area on a large tour boat and then again on an antique wooden boat. Before we came home, we HAD to go to Niagra Falls. It was a great trip. See the Slideshow below for pictures of many of the boats that we saw. There may be additions and updates to this post in the near futore. If you wish to pause a slide, you can hover over the picture with your mouse.


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