In late 2007 Dr. Ron Beberniss came to town in this boat that he built himself. As he was going by Florence to anchor out around Sunset Beach, he noticed the Tuesday Farm Sale going on up in the Port. Ron loves sales and it was getting late, so he pulled in to Florence Harbor and took his bike over to the sale. When he returned to his boat, he decided to stay and got to know Eva. It was getting to be close to Christmas, so he decided to leave Annie in Florence while he returned home. He asked Eva if she knew of anyone that could watch his boat for him while he was gone. She recommended me and I came for an orientation and got to know Ron well. He ended up leaving Annie in Florence for many weeks. He brought Carrol (his wife) to see the area and they fell in love with Florence. They purchased 40 acres with one neighborhood lot attached and moved their whole life here. At this point, due to health and use reasons, Ron has his boat available for sale. Here is a link to the listing with many more pictures.

I have stated many times that most people that build their own boat or even restore one rarely achieve their goal. This one did. He was a practicing doctor and practiced 3 days a week and spent the rest of his time and money on the boat.


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