Boats We've Sold

"The Plaintiff Rests" 1987 41' Marinette Aft Cabin

"Summer Wind" 1995 44' Sea Ray Express Bridge

"Gold Leaf" 1986 38' Marine Trader

"Commodore" 1987 38' Carver Aft Cabin   

"Joyuss" 1993 52' CPMY Hatteras

"Commodore" 1987 38' Carver Aft Cabin (again)

"The Great Escape" 1986 36' Carver Aft Cabin

"Zeypher III" 1986 36' Mainship Aft Cabin

"Ashlie B" 1979 44' Gulfstar

"Miss Cindy C" 1983 50' Custom Trawler

"Martinique" 1984 25' Chris Craft

"Candlewick" 1985 36' Sea Ray Aft Cabin

1990 23' Sea Ray Weekender

"Peace of Mind" 1987 41' Chris Craft

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